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Provincial Craft Collar Jewels

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With a dark royal blue centre and gold plating, it creates a superb contrast. The insignia of each rank is crafted to the finest detail and quality.

  • High quality gold rank ensign.
  • Centre blue vitreous enamel.
  • The province is nicely stamped into the gold surface.
  • Locket style
  • Long lasting gilt plating.
  • Ring fitting for easy attachment to a collar
  • UK Manufactured

Tercentenary Commemorative Jewel.

SKU: 325-0001

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Commemorate 300 Years of Freemasonry.

Tercentenary Commemorative Jewel (1717-2017) .

The UGLE Commemorative Jewel, authorised in conjunction with the Tercentenary, maybe worn by all Freemasons who at any time between 24th June 2016 and 31st December 2017 are members of Lodges under UGLE. The jewel is also available for purchase by members of other Constitutions recognised by UGLE.

  • Supreme quality jewellery.
  • Supreme quality  ribbon.
  • Perfect gold plating.
  • Strong stickpin fitting.
  • Long lasting luster.
  • Include protective wallet.

Please note that this product is custom made and will be made to order at the time of purchase.

The delivery time for this item can be up to 4 to 6 weeks.

Knights Templar Miniature Firing Sword

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£18.89 *Inc. tax=£22.67*
  • Stunning personal firing sword,
  • Mirror polished silver plated
  • Long lasting shine
  • Smooth finish
  • Approximate size: 125mm
  • Will not oxidise

Black & White Enamel Sterling Silver Chequered Dress Studs Set

SKU: 344-4351

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Black & White Enamel Chequered Dress Studs Set.

  • Made from Quality Enamel on Sterling Silver.
  • Velveteen gift pouch.
  • Sterling Silver
  • Long lasting luster.
  • Complete in a presentation box.

Craft Ladies Square & Compass Gown Clips

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Masonic Widow Broken Column Pendant

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Masonic Widow Broken Column Pendant.

  • High quality jewel  ornamental detail.
  • Perfect gold plating.
  • Pendent loop to fit a chain.
  • Long lasting luster.
  • Comes in an elegant protective pouch.