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Craft Provincial Full Dress Apron

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The highest quality Craft Provincial Full Dress Apron are made from synthetic and/or genuine lambskin. Blue supreme quality ribbon, hand embroidered levels, finest quality golden braid and fringe and fabric backside with pocket.

  • Bright white colour.
  • Adjustable belt fitments.
  • Beautiful UK made ribbon.
  • Three gold embroidered levels. (Lambskin only)
  • Three gold polished levels. (Lambine only)
  • Snake shape hook gold coated.
  • Supreme Quality Handmade Apron.
  • Comes in a clear cellophane sleeve
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Craft Provincial Full Dress Collar

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  • Supreme Quality Ribbon made in UK.
  • Clip for attachment of jewel.
  • Stitched metal hook.
  • Beautiful moire ribbon.
  • Complete colour shade guarantee.